At GreenCells, we believe that real innovations are profitable, sustainable, and, ultimately, socially responsible. Since 2005, we have made green easy for hundreds of thousands of happy customers, selling more than 100 reused cell phones a day, every day!

Currently, average U.S. cell phone users replace their cell phones every 12 months— long before the typical five-year lifespan of the devices. This leads to annual disposals of more than 100 million cell phones. GreenCells was founded to provide consumers a real alternative to this destructive cycle, by providing a better value through a solution focused on the core principle of environmental stewardship: reuse.

We got here by becoming experts in the cellular industry and customer service. After more than a decade working for wireless, service, and new-age-media companies, we started our own consulting company in 2000. We work directly for CXOs of Fortune 500 companies to produce more profits, bringing us into the key workings of AT&T, Motorola, AOL, and dozens of others. Now we have taken that experience, along with engineering and MBA backgrounds, and applied all of this to GreenCells.

GreenCells is our outlet to do more than generate profits. We achieve this by choosing a company goal that parallels greater goals; by giving employees a great place to work with flexible hours and a relaxed atmosphere; and by giving our customers what they pay for and individualized service that is so hard to find in this world of big corporate cultures. Oh, and we also have successfully solicited every one of our customers do their part for the environment, whether they meant to or not, by buying a used cell phone!

These goals are enabled by our expertise and our great employees whose work helps ensure that each phone shipped works perfectly and is described accurately. That work allows us to send each phone with a full money-back guarantee; so if something goes wrong it’s our problem, not yours.

Down the road as we expand into other products that can be efficiently reused, we will further achieve our goal of a company that is both profitable and environmentally friendly. If you like what we are doing here, please bookmark us, email your friends and family about us, and just generally talk well of us! If you are further intrigued by our work, or are one of our happy customers, sign up for our newsletter by signing in and then choosing "opt-in", read our blog, or just send us an email. We appreciate your patronage.